What happens when a 24 year old boy falls for 69yo man?


This is Lotta is a story about 2 gay men that adopt a puppy. This is no ordinary story and it’s no ordinary puppy. You follow them through the ups and downs of gay younger older life.

Silver Daddy Bill Puts the "Big D" in Younger's Discipline

Silver Daddy Bill Puts the “Big D” in Younger’s Discipline

What Happened to Us in 2020

Adventures with my 70 Year Old Gay Daddy

his video covers our experiences together in 2020. I promised you Bill would be in the studio for the video. I’m sorry. Due to timing issues and the surprise revealed at the end of this video… There was a bit of a delay on taping. I hope you enjoy this video and we are taping this week! As always comment below and tell me what you really think. Much love GO

All Things Must Come to an End

Life, Growth and Death

Thank you all for allowing me to try some new ideas. It was a fun project, time consuming and you helped to make it fulfilling. I learned a lot doing the camera work, editing and voice-overs. This is final episode and it’s a bit sad for me to close this chapter. If and when Bill and I do a trip again I will take what I learned here and hopefully make a stellar project for you guys. Bill and I are back in the studio in the next episode. See you soon!

What Happened in California - Part III - Lost in Redwood Forest

What Happened in California - Part II - Yosemite National Park

Gay Older – The Adventures of Bill & Fritz – Yosemite National Park
Part 2
This is what really happened in California

California Adventure

Part 1

Bill and I in a California AdventureTwo Gay Older MenWatch Friday February 4th, at 7:15am EST! (If you’re wondering, yes it’s a new better voice-over)

WHAT is a Relationship BOUNDARY?


Boundaries are tools that are used to keep your relationships healthy. Toxic people don’t use or respect boundaries. What are boundaries and how do you use them effectively?

Mature Gray Daddy Bill is so Mad! Chappelle Vs Trans Vs LGBT

Daddy Bill watches Dave Chappelle Special “The Closer” How Mad is Bill at Dave Chappelle, Cancelled? Trans LGBT vs Dave CancelCulture #TransIsBeautiful #DaveChappelleTheCloser #cancelled #TheCloser #agegaplove Chappelle Vs Trans Vs LGBT

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