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GayYoungOld - Younger & Mature Men - Age Gap - Intergenerational
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Gay History
1930s gays didn’t couldn’t  exist
1950s bar raids, names printed in the newspapers, communist blackmail, chemical castration, lobotomies and shock treatments
1970s can’t have kids, fired from jobs or kicked out of rentals
1980s gay plague, dying in the streets
1990s can exist just can’t tell anyone, conversion therapy
2005 can finally have a relationship but not a real one
2015 you can finally officially actually have a relationship

All communities in all countries have corruption and all groups are guilty to some extent. It comes down to the quote: “it’s so rare if not impossible to see true love in intergen relationships.” Trope used against gays since the beginning to Dehumanizing  us.

All people are attract to different people there is no rule that everyone is attracted to the same age as themselves.

Show them a healthy relationship is all you can do. We will have to fight for the respect we deserve. Just as the gay community has done.

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This channel focuses on Older and Younger Gay Relationships. Topics include age, relationships, family, friends, finances, sex and love with older men.

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    This is Lotta is a story about 2 gay men that adopt a puppy. This is no ordinary story and it’s no ordinary puppy. You follow them through the ups and downs of gay younger older life.
  • Silver Daddy Bill Puts the “Big D” in Younger’s Discipline
    Silver Daddy Bill Puts the “Big D” in Younger’s Discipline
  • What Happened to Us in 2020
    his video covers our experiences together in 2020. I promised you Bill would be in the studio for the video. I’m sorry. Due to timing issues and the surprise revealed at the end of this video… There was a bit of a delay on taping. I hope you enjoy this video and we are taping this week! As always comment below and tell me what you really think. Much love GO

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